Women’s Conference

Transfer: I´ll be Opening a New Area

Well Yesterday was Transfers I will be opening a new area (Sarco) with a Sister Claro from Argentina.  I am super excited its a new experience.  I feel very blessed of what the Lord has giving me here on the mission he has giving me the opportunity to train twice, be sister training leader, and now open a new area makes me feel the love of my Heavenly Father and know he has trusted me with many things.  Thats what gives me joy to know he knows what we need in order to grow more in life.  I know its a challenge but I know the Lord has trusted me and my new companion to work and see his hand.

I feel very happy and great its been a mix of emotions of knowing I would leave my area but now theres joy of the people who are waiting for us to share the gospel to them.  I am also happy because I got hear from our leaders in the women conference so pumped to give out this service and love to everyone !!
Oh it all turned out great I was bit stressed this week because I was in charge of this womens conferences of getting the speakers and the things to give out on our sisters but everything turned out great (we all taught great lessons and it was all inspired ) and the time was on point to watch the conference, which I enjoyed, now I am excited to watch General Conference!! yeah.
We also had a cool time with a sister who is 95 years old but is sick but who gave me a little cholita sh’s so sweet we could feel her love and happiness these moments are what I cherish i’ll send photos of this.
Oh yeah Happy Easter has well I was sick I couldnt resist putting this qoute from nacho libre hehe its true only happens in bolivia ..but foreals but hey I am getting better ..
This week they gave us a lot of rice pudding and locro which is squash meal with corn and potatoes. Mission life is good! hehe
But it’s been great to remember that Jesus loves me and thanks to him we can reach eternal life. I know my Redemmer lives. 

..my favorite hymn but as well I know its true this week I have had great moments of feeling the spirit!

Truly grateful I am here to serve so far I ve learn many things that I know will help me in life .
the key for happiness is obedience
and charity !!!
well thank you for all your Amor !! les quiero mucho
have a great week !!


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission


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