Sarco 2 with the Hermanitis

This week;

opening a area is a challenge. So this week was crazy hot plus getting around to know the area is a stress but loving the people this area has so much potentional its hard at one side the other one is great.  We are excited to get to know the members so far… it’s been laughter no one has seen sisters for long time so they call us elderitas hehe funny

we live in the home elder USED to live in and its not the best home..let me tell you my 1st night there on my pillow there was a cockroach.  Nice hearing it close to my ear eww.  We have no phone still so its a challenge but hey its funny story to tell.  Let’s see what more things happen but so far this week was all new stuff oh my companion is the sweetest super patient and loving she only has 6 months on the mission but a great missionary love her.  She’s from mission, Argentina (Posadas) but well I couldnt send pictures for some reason these computers arent letting me lo siento (sorry) well conference was great hope you all enjoyed it wow so many new temples are being bulit how great is that ! well love you ya’.  Hermana Cruz is happy!!

the key for happiness is obedience
and charity !!!
well thank you for all your Amor !! les quiero mucho
have a great week !!


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission


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