Miracles are out there

Well this week was great I can say miracles are out there and the Lord knows who are those who need of his message.  Hermana Claro and me are doing great here. We are trying, it’s a bit hard not seeing much progress but we are now seeing it and it makes us happy.  We had great experience’s where we were with a member who was showing us some investiagtors but we couldnt find them so we just went a contacted some homes and there’s one deep inside and we knocked no one seemed to come out and then someone came out It was a young women who seemed interested and told us we could come back.  This week we had a lesson with her and she was very interested we asked  her how she felt and she told us that she had been having hard times and that she prayed to God to give her peace and something to be on his path and she said that day that she prayed we came.  This Sunday she came to church with us and loved it and it just amazes me how the Lord has people waiting for us and who need us.  This Sunday we also had some other young women attended church who were refr.  We are so happy they came. It’s been a challenge, but we are seeing more the hand of Lord and how great is our joy.  This week  we had lots of food.  You cant forget the food.  A sister gave us the traditional plate pique macho super good but she also gave us cake and jello which was already too much.  Its been a long time since i had so much food, but so far I am not so fat I think.  Well Zone conference was great I gave my testimony and the temple was great as well this week.  I also had a baptism from my old area Mijhael i’ll send photos.
The mission is great !
the key for happiness is obedience
and charity !!!
well thank you for all your Amor !! les quiero mucho
have a great week !!


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission


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