Come Unto Christ

This week has been great, we feel that God has given us Miracles.  Like we said we have had another young women come to church last Sunday.   We had a lesson with ( Hna Nieves and Hna Noelia ) two of them this week and with a member the lessons where great and they both have desires to know more and we set baptism dates for both on may 28 they were for both very excited and wanted to get to this goal.  As well we set a baptism date for Adeliada the young women who we found in the hidden home deep inside a street she couldnt come to church but we went to  visit her this Sunday and we verfied if she prayed and she did we ask if she recieved an answer and she said yes and that she knew this was the true church so we set a date for may 28 as well.  Its been great to see how the Lord has these young women ready for us, three of them with different stories but desires to follow Christ’s example.  They have been very special to us knowing there desires to also be ready.  It’s been  great week.  We also had the opportunity to see a baptism from my old area…it’s great to see my fruits from my labors in other places and today we went to the telefrico to the Christ super cool and eat food with the zone at Tuesdays.  The mission is great !
the key for happiness is obedience
and charity !!!
well thank you for all your Amor !! les quiero mucho
have a great week !!


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission


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