Sarco 2nd week

My second week in Sarco . 

This week was great bit of stress of course its not easy opening an area!  You are basically at zero but so far we got to meet many new people and members who we are recieving refrences and having family home evenings to get there trust.
We moved houses how fun but we are super far from the area so it takes a lot of walking
but its better then the other home and plus we have a nice member who washes our clothes we wanted to pay her but she doesn’t let us because she says thats her service to us and plus she has a daughter in Colombia, how sweet ! we play soccer everyday, great hehe trying to get better at it.  I made brownies this week for my pensionistas family and they loved it! So making more this week. My pensionistas sister in law is a clown i’ll send photos oh love my companions shes great super fun and I learn so much from her.  Today we did our nails and had district activity we played pool table haha and we ate at burger king the only american food place here 🙂  its been fun ! getting lost and meeting new people ! and having family home evenings !
oh here our fotos from a long time ago sorry
the key for happiness is obedience
and charity !!!
well thank you for all your Amor !! les quiero mucho
have a great week !!


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission



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