March 14th 2016

This week we worked really hard.
We had intercambios, which are always fun.  I learn from the sisters.  Something cool on this intercambio was that I got to see a little monkey from Chapare it was so cute and tiny…I wanted to take a picture but I didn’t have my camera lo siento.  We had this interesting fruit called Granda which I never had but was yummy.  We taught a lesson to all these little kids, but the thing was that the a young girl invited us saying “all my friends will be there” but it was another church bible study group so we taught the teacher as well.

Well its been good. Don’t have much time to write but all is well.
Today was the day I got baptized, what a blessing it has been I love this gospel I know it’s true.  Sharing it here is great and I love Bolivia in its own way…even when I eat lots of rice and papa (potatoes).
This church is true the only way to eternal life is through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Happy Birthday to my little sister cindy !!

the key for happiness is obedience
and charity !!!

well thank you for all your Amor !! les quiero mucho

have a great week !!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission


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