Walking.Blockades.Carnaval.Cambios.Happiness .love

Hola – Happy Valentines Day ! As well the day I turn months here on the mission.  Well this week has been great!

1. We had to walk from area: from the Laguna Alalay to the city the stake center of univeristy it was because we had Hermana Wing with us we had to take her the next day to her capt. of going home stuff and well Bolivia had a blockade where they didnt allow us to go in a taxi to the city we could only get in my walking.  So we walked with Hermana Wing with her luggages…in the rain…it was fun and very funny.  We later couldnt go back to our area till the afternoon we were stuck in the city haha.  The things that happen in Bolivia when there’s elections.

2.We have carnavales today…we have been getting wet.  Another year of memories. We live with one of seventies of Bolivia and his wife today and his son just got us good with waterballons and a bucket.  But it felt great because its hot, little kids are just wetting us when we walk…but tomorrow we dont get to work because its more dangerous so we will be in our casa.

3. We have great investigators who are progressing very well also we dont have cambio.  We stay together one more yeah.  We just have fun and its always an adventure.  We love the mission.

4. Here our fotos of some of the events .and silly pictures of us.  Which is better than word…gives the whole story of my life in Bolivia if for some reason you dont get anything then its a problem here me not being able to send photos ..sorryy… till next week

the key for happiness is obedience
and charity !!!

well thank you for all your Amor !! les quiero mucho

have a great week !!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

send me love of goods !!! broma joke …

just pray for me


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