Bolivia and Elections

This week we have been great.  Elections hasn’t been letting us get work done as we normally do.  We couldnt talk to many people only work appointments that have been set and on Sunday we didnt get to work it was hard being at home doing not much.  I found that I will have to keep myself busy more often at home becuase its boring not doing anything.  It’s been a little rough for Bolivia the government isn’t the best at the moment so I just let you do the research and please pray for the people the future and us missionaries be able to help them with the gospel.  But I still love the gospel being these hard time reminds me of the times of the book of mormon how its always a battle but recently reading the scripture I found much comfort and happiness . The lord loves us and has everything for a reason . these things shall pass It was pretty cool we have been teaching many great people who are progressing a lot and give us joy sharing this gospel is the best I am happy I choose to come a serve and be part of lords work .I have learned life after will be a battle as well but I feel I am more prepared on how confront these battles than before .The mision is teaching me many things on how to be prepared .well I love it . Hope everything is great I love you all ! may you remember to pray for us .

the key for happiness is obedience
and charity !!!

well thank you for all your Amor !! les quiero mucho

have a great week !!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission


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