Hello. Everyone

So I hate writing so here small things that happen this week.

monday-tuesday we stayed home but it was fun we played with  Elder Baldarrama’s son with waterballons.  He was at the window when we were studying saying hermana its hot lets play he’s like 9 years old so funny.  We decided we would play with him and we had a movie night with the sisters and made smores …

We have visited great people this week who have baptism dates. We have a cool guy named manuel who is attending seminary and boys camp wow hes just amazing. The mission is great so many learning experiences .and memories. who give us food to get me fofo!

so recently we have been teaching last mintue lessons or classes .. kinda of the thing in the mission always ..

We taught in consejo de lideres ( leadership council) our class was on enduring to the end and the sabbath day keeping it holy and how to help our investigators to come and it went well even when we got a call last mintue to prepare a teach we did it we woke up earlier just for it ..everyone loved our class even president it had to be 30 mins and was exactly that …we had practices and demostration and a video to end .. he said it felt like 15 mins but it was 30 so perfect .. the Lord knows and helps us when are doing the things we should .i can testify its true ..

This sunday we had ward council in the morning and when we got out the bishop told us hermanas can you give a talk the speakers didn’t come today…yeah I only had 5 mintues to prepare in someway. I gave the talk and I could feel the spirit talking … it was amazing.  All of us gave one we didnt plan on what to say and it all fitted perfectly.  The Lords knows.

After all that we get a notice on teaching primary twice…how funny and fun. Next week we will teach young women.  I can now understand more my blessing on teaching …

oh cool thing a sister is teaching me portuguese .. i learn fatty is fofo .. and other things which i forgot ..haha great i learn .. hehe love this family …
well here our some photos of this week ..

the key for happiness is obedience
and charity !!!

well thank you for all your Amor !! les quiero mucho

have a great week !!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission


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