One year in the mission Bolivia Cochabamba

This week we had intercambios which was fun like always.   I learn from my sisters here, but cool thing was I got to be with someone in my group the day I turned one year yeahh!!! Hermana Baltazar, also got to be with my mission daughter number one and it was great as well.  Be united with old companions or sister you know .

This week was great we had about 24 lessons…that is a great meaning we had a lot of fun and saw many happy faces as well hehe!!  we just face everything in the mission but I love it, the experiences I get to tell my children and family, to laugh about and see the miracles and blessings I am truly blessed .

funny story my companion was sleep talking, but such a great missionary becasue she was teaching in her sleep…I love her she’s lo maximo!!

Its been a year where does time go when your having fun preaching this gospel.  I look back and see who I was and now know that I am truly becoming a disciple of Christ.  Who is now more prepared for the trials and has strengthen her self spiritually and knows this is the true happiness.  Knows what she wants in life yet she know sits going to be a challenge…its okay.  Being here you learn what the true happiness in life is.  I love this work  glad to be part of it giving it all I got!!!  You live once  on a mission like this so I am given all of myself .

grateful for those who encourage me and have been there to give me advice and lift me up Thanks love you all prayer to you all!!

the key for happiness is obedience
and charity!!!

well thank you for all your Amor!! les quiero mucho

have a great week!!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

send me love of goods!!! broma joke …

just pray for me
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Edif.Confort Piso 7-C

Av.Villarroel 1132

Cochabamba, Cochabamba



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