Being good examples

This week I learned a lot more of the Atonement I keep learning more each time.  Seeing how much i’ve grown and really how i’m a big influence on many…I’m happy to know that i am.  Which makes me strive to be better each day and want to have the attributes of Christ.
Well I had wonderful opportunity to go to the temple once was special…we got to be with our mission presidents.  I got be with my compi the one’s that are still here in the mission, well my two daughters and my adopted one haha it was wonderful… made me happy to see, as well as the progress of my companions, they are just amazing.

We also had great lessons with investiagtors but most important mini lessons for me.  Made me see who I am on the mission and what I have done so far.  I dont see the progress until people tell me.  I sometimes  need people to tell me.  Thankful for those who help me along the way.
Well its been great learning like I said ..helping others – be strong to come unto Christ
here are pictures that say more than words haha
the bruise is from paintball—yeah only in Bolivia we do this and this what happens hahah ( i got hit in the head,knee and hand and arm all bruised ) yup love it hahha
i love you all with all my heart

couldnt be more blessed I know this church is true !

well if you want send me package for christmas or my birthday do it now …please i dont get them till 2 months later ahhaha
heres where to send it to no more than 4pds please ..2 kilos

well take care have fun love you all !!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

send me love of goods!! broma joke …

just pray for me
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Edif.Confort Piso 7-C

Av.Villarroel 1132

Cochabamba, Cochabamba


IMG_0008 IMG_0006

DSC_0427 DSC_0416DSCF4807[1]DSC_0411  DSCF4829[1]

IMG_3481 IMG_3448

IMG_0037 IMG_3462


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