Training again daughter #2

Hello Everyone !
one thing seems like everyone does read my emails and blog … I found out this week its true
like everyone can see I am training once again so yeah .
this week I went to pick up my compi aka hija and well when I was coming out of the church i went to get a cunape and I hear a sister call my name Hna Cruz…look back its one of the new sisters and Im like umm hello thinking to myself how does shes know my name and says the other sisters I know her …she told me I saw your blog and was so excited to meet you!
It happend with another sister it was so funny I was kinda of like oh wow people read my blog cool ..hehe and see my photos hahaha funny thing !! If your reading this and later come to the mission and meet me haha!!

Well my compi or say second daughter is Hna Custode she’s from Rio Bamba Ecuador she’s super great and excited to help her as well know the gospel and be agreat missionary¬†training is super fun I’m happy.

DSCF4778[1] DSCF4777[1]

Its funny how I just finished but great everyone thinks Im a pro trainer yet I feel its for me to grow as well more so..
later my new compi told me how the sister in the mtc talked about me how they wanted me to train them ..but also were afraid because she thought I was strict sister haha
so funny makes me happy to know Im strict missionary haha well so far things are great getting to my hija and showing the way to be a sucessful missionary !!

Well each day makes me want to be better be more like christ !!I know He lives and I know Him better now than before .
So excited for this time I have to be in his work others to come unto christ !!!

Couldnt be more blessed I know this church is true !

Well if you want send me package for christmas or my birthday do it now …please i dont get them till 2 months later ahhaha
heres where to send it to no more than 4pds please ..2 kilos

well take care have fun love you all !!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

DSCF4758[1] DSCF4757[1]

DSCF4779[1] DSCF4782[1]



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