September 21, 2015

well this week was great !!!
We didn’t have church on Sunday due to voting, but its nice to have no transportion and walk the streets free and see everyone walking and on bikes haha and see families
so it was great jaja

DSCF4391[1] DSCF4320[1]
Well i love my companion and we have grown so close and its so sad we only have 2 weeks left as it seems sad ..i know i’ll visit her one day.  We will see what happens now…
We have baptismal date for a new investigator named Oliver so excited.  We’ve have been having tons of family home evenings like everyday…haha and best thing is they make food.
We had Italian food this thursday soo good and I made desert yeah!!! food makes me happy perhaps that’s why Im getting a bit chubby, real life on mission ahhaha but who’s ready to help me train?  to loose my fat when I come back ahhaa anyone? jk

DSCF4453[1] DSCF4298[1]

Well talking about the this week the 14 was Cochabamba day I got to see the President of Bolivia yeahhh and on the 15 my pensionista made me mexican food for Mexico’s day she’s so awesome always spoiling us love my mama… she also made a Dr Pepper float on friday the pension I’m in heaven all the time…kinda wish to stay here one more cambio to enjoy food …i dont want to go back eating chuno (frozen potatoe) haha jk


well time is going by fast and soon its my BIRTHDAY! WHAT ? 21 no way hahaha and soon my 1st Christmas kinda of sad about that but well what can I do ….make the best of it ..heheh
well i hope everyone is doing awesome working….dating…. studying…. getting married and ..having kids…. thats LIFE so im glad .!
NOW I CAN send pictures so enjoy yeah
well take care have fun love you all !!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

DSCF4464[1] DSCF4457[1]

DSCF4447[1] DSCF4408[1]


DSCF4448[1] DSCF4386[1] DSCF4451[1]


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