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This week I was digging the scriptures, like diggin the good stuff haha my eyes kinda hurt.  So much studying haha.
Anyways this week something that I learned and loved was about the fall of Adam and Eve.   Well one thing was we need to have opposition in order to learn and to remember the Savior and God.  We must have trials in order to learn as well to be more humble and come unto Christ more.  If we didnt have this we would forget.  Thanks to Adam and Eve we exist and have this opposition to know between the good and bad.  Decide wether we want captivity or eternal life …question for you all is which path are you on?  Do you choose eternal life?  Well what are we doing to reach this…we must remember to keep the commandments.  But what does this really mean right?  We shall do more than we think… act upon on faith and help those who don’t have it and serve them.  I am just so amazed and grateful for the atonement of Christ and how he loves us.  I challenge you all to act more upon your faith and to work on keeping the commandments but also testify of what you know dont be afraid!

Well this week was great as well, we had the opportunity to visit a family (fila valencia) who’s daughter got baptized (but the parents aren’t). This week the father was home and it was a great lesson he paid attention and expressed his feelings to us and what he felt about baptism I am sure the spirit was there my comp and I felt it.  Hna Silvano said “Hna Cruz when you talk you talk different its not your tone, yet its the way you testify”, and I told her “It wasnt me talking it was the spirit.”  I am sure it was I am happy that the spirit was testifying to the investigator because now the father has more interest in hearing us and has more goals for his family.  Makes me remember I am here to help these people…I love Bolivia and the people its so amazing I am
grateful I’m here and for the love I feel each day!!

well take care have fun love you all !!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission


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