Ti Voglio Bene

Buen dia… mucho GUSTO


Tuesday = I taught a class for a district meeting.  I, we talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ, and the things we learned in the conference with Elder Bednar.  I made comparsion of the atonement to a bike wheel, how its the cycle of learning and the lines that are inside of the wheel are the center which is Jesus Christ.  Later we decided it could be a never ending pizza pie that we need to keep eating and finding, learning more about the atonement.  Thats my goal to keep learning and enjoying the atonement each line and piece pretty awesome.

Wednesday= we had elder Cribb my Zone leaders Birthday…omgee my pensionista made mexican food, it wasn’t my birthday but it felt like it …she made tons of food and tacos haha my weakness.  And well we had the best service project that day to change a light bulb…bishop called all four missionaries to change a light blub hahah but only my companion and I went.   The sister we went to help lived in italy so we’re learning Italian ..my idomia study has been learning hymns in Italian yeahhh…sorella carine…jaja

DSCF3952[2] DSCF3949[1]
Thursday = we had a fun time learning English…haha

Friday = got to meet with these menos activos, we call him the fresa…becuase he thinks he’s got it all… hahah we taught him about going on a mission.  Hope he decides to go.  Also we met a new less active hermana Montano she’s our age and was really wanting to come back so thats nice.

Saturday-Sunday= we got great news from Fila Ponce seems like we might have there wedding soon yeahh and baptism…hopefully this weekend yeah.  And on Sunday I realized soemthing and I want to share.  So on the mission so far i’ve come to learn what the love of the Savior is and how his children the little ones are filled with pure love and how they transmit this love to me and remind me to be more like a child meek, humble …etc.  So on the mission my converts have been young girls, they remind me of myself when I was taught and how I looked up to this sisters.  That’s how my desires came to be.  Now I am here on a mission…I hope one day I can see these girls in the same spot that I am in….how being so young at 9 years I choose the path of following the Savior…I’m here giving them the opportunity to do the same…come unto the Savior…to share it later with others.

I’d like to share what a friend shared with me this week

“Sinceramente dar gracias no sólo nos ayuda a reconocer nuestras bendiciones, pero también abre las puertas del cielo y nos ayuda a sentir el amor de Dios.”
Presidente Thomas S. Monson

Well take care have fun love you all!! Vamos a ver lo que pasa esta semana!!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Street art

  Street art

My shadow on p-day

     My shadow on p-day                                  


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