Pure Love

Okay everyone, this week was crazy and amazing!!
Can´t express myself of how grateful I am for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how our Heavenly Father loves us so much!!! This week I had many wonferful experiences meeting new people and seeing there desires to know more of the Gospel .

Also to hear an Apostle of God, Elder Bednar, Juan A.Uceda, Gary Stevenson and Ulisses Soares was amazing.  I got to feel a great spirit and have many of my questions answered and be reminded of the Saviors great love toward each one of us .

I had the opportunity to conduct the music and have Elder Bednar behind me, which was a nervous moment for me.  But seeing the whole mission was amazing…my heart was filled with joy and happiness I cant express how grateful I am to be here in Bolivia serving these humble people.  I love them so much and have great love towards the Savior and our Heavenly Father. Fun fact is that Elder Bednar’s son served here in my ward so thats awesome.  An apostle’s son served in our mission!

I’ve learned so much and have set my goals to become a agents.  I look back on how I was before and see how much I have changed I’ve been blessed in many ways makes me happy.  Elder Bednar said things that made me wonder and think so much about the things that I need to do.

Well theres more I love to express but theres much I can’t ..maybe one day i’ll share more … maybe when we all reunite again haha
Les quiero mucho !! amo la mision mucho!! es lo mejor!
Everyday learning and growing and acting upon what the spirit tells me!

Was the best week ever…I am excited for each week!

La conversión es una expansión, una profundización y una ampliación de la estructura básica del testimonio. Es el resultado de la revelación de Dios, acompañado del arrepentimiento, de la obediencia y de la diligencia personales. . . . La conversión es una ofrenda de uno mismo, de amor y de lealtad que damos a Dios en gratitud por el don del testimonio.”
Ruego que todos examinemos a nuestras vidas y que tomemos los pasos necesarios para llegar a ser más convertidos al Señor.


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

DSCF3929[1] DSCF3931[1]-2



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