7 Months

This week was great!
my week was centered alot on the Atonement of Christ and trying to be more like Him, and remember to be ready for his coming having your light ready–

This week was Urkupina Celebration, so not many people were home but we had great lessons with some people and less actives.

DSCF3817[1] DSCF3787[1]

One great news is that we have the Ponce family getting married and baptised this month on the 29 please pray! I have also been helping a lot in English homework, which is awesome I’m using my English yeah hahaha and well training is fun we learn so much!!! Well I do haha jk not the best teacher but trying.

DSCF3772[1] DSCF3786[1]

Well something funny this week is that I got bit by a dog!! Yeah awesome just normal I was walking with my comp and out of know where this dog bites my butt!! I also had this problem with my hand it hurt so much so my zone leaders made me go to the clinic.  When I went I got checked nothing big but they gave me a shot and pills for the pain and inflammation yeah awesome week right haha.

Things are changing…I got a haircut, it was time for my ends to be cut so I have new look plus new glasses yeah changes!
Each day I learn more, to love and be patient and work hard then good things will come!!
well love you all take care !!
here our pics of my adventures and Incachaca today for p-day

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

send me love of goods !!! broma joke …

just pray for me
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Edif.Confort Piso 7-C

Av.Villarroel 1132

Cochabamba, Cochabamba


DSCF3923   DSCF3838


DSCF3847 DSCF3841

DSCF3916 DSCF3860


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