This week fast and small.
I dont have much time sooo…
here we go so…

1. I got to go the Temple yeah and we had zone conference!! Which was all amazing ..made me think so much of the atonement of Jesus Christ and made me set more goals it was just amazing!!!

DSC_0027 DSC_0029-2

2. We had nice oreo pie yeah and a nice Sunday lunch hahah I love my penisonista mama shes the best!!

DSCF3739[1] DSCF3741[1]

3. We had stake conference and the dad from the Valencia’s hasn’t been going to church and he finally came so that made my week we also had the baptism of Claudia the daughter of this family so I was just super happy!!

DSCF3752[1]-2 DSCF3754[1]


4. We got news of family Ponce it seems like there divorce papers are in so that means they’ll get baptized and of course get married soooo happy !!

5. Well this week was just great I can’t explain my stories in details but in small things you can see my joy right? So everything is just wonderful and I am so happy learning and training and working amo la mision con todo mi corazon ..
here are fotos of my happiness enjoy!!!!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

DSCF3711[1] DSC_0058-2


       My new awayo skirt




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