Jesus es mi luz

This week was amazing lets just say I am overfilled with the love of Savior and of our Heavenly Father.   I just love my area and the people my comp and the zone my pensionistas and well everything.


“Ésta es la senda; y no hay otro camino, ni nombre dado debajo del cielo por el cual el hombre pueda salvarse en el reino de Dios. Y ahora bien, he aquí, ésta es la doctrina de Cristo…”

– 2 Nefi 31:21

P1050470   P1050471
1.  One experience this week that made me think so much of the blessings and the love we have of the Savior was a family that recently got baptized, they have a daughter who is like 6 and has cancer, leukemia.   She hasn’t been doing so good breaks my heart, how I can’t help.  But I asked the sister what I could do for her, she said if I could buy oatmeal and juice.  So I did and it truly made me feel great just doing this small act of kindness.  I really wished I could do so much more like make the little girl Erika smile and make her feel better.  She’s the sweetest little girl hope I could do much for this family but the only thing i can do to help this family is in small things like Christ would do and share my love and help them one day be sealed in the temple.

2.  Other experiences we had this week were just seeing great progress.  For example, many of them are accepting baptismal dates.  We also have had many family home evenings this week and we can see how we’ve helped them and are looking for more ways that to help them.  Seeing the porgress of families and seeing them happy and grow makes me so happy.  This Sunday I was filled with love and tears, many of them came to church.  Seeing the families smile made me realize once again that the gospel is for families.   Makes me smile and brings joy to me.

3.  We have a BAPTISM this saturday super pumped.  It’s a young girl we’re teaching, IRIS super cute reminds me of when sisters taught me and how I wanted to get baptized so bad I knew it was the right thing…well super excited please pray things go well.

4.  We had a barbie birthday party for a sister in my pension Hna Hermansen super cute alll pink and everything barbie haha.  Well we are just spoiled by our pensionista she cooks amazing she cooks things that aren’t from Bolivia like things from tv hhehehe so good the desserts are always the best she makes oreo pies and cheekcake etc…. makes hungry just talking about it hahhaa well i love my pension so far !!!!


5. Well I love you really hope you are all doing great !! I miss ya’ll take care ..have fun!!! les quiero mucho desde BOLIVIA! gracias por su Amor !!
“Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism. Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness of those you love, in the testimony which you carry in your heart concerning things divine.” ― Gordon B. Hinckley


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

send me love of goods !!!
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Edif.Confort Piso 7-C

Av.Villarroel 1132

Cochabamba, Cochabamba


P1050490 P1050489 P1050488 P1050477 P1050473  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

P1050469   P1050503


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