5 Month Mark

So yesterday was a my 5 months, so fast, how time flies.  Really cant believe it wow!!  6-14-15 soon i’ll be half way there oh my…anyways list of the things that happened:

1.  Made food for my pension, made MOLE!! Comida Mexicana again and they loved it.  Seriously I dont know how to cook but hey now I do jk … mom can I get married now haha jk…I remember your words mom.

P1050375                         P1050372

2.  I got sick …on Thursday, had body aches and lets say some…stomach problems that make you rush to the….yeah you know haha.  Well 1st time so far on the mish haha I don’t know what got me sick but I am still a bit sick but good thing my comp was too…we both had sick days…super funny I’m actually not putting many details but it was fun!!
We also had a cool experience.  We had a member come with us, she told us there was a less active member in this home.  So I just went and talked to the person there thinking its the less active yet it wasn’t and she says like no I can’t Im cooking, peeling potatoes so the lady said no and hide from us.  I kept saying wait whats your name? So another lady came out and told us we can’t we are doing stuff I’m helping my daughter with a ceramic project, right away I say oh my comp loves that she can help and so she lets us in to help her and well we taught her and got another date to go back yeahhh!!!  Awesome for that day I was the most tired person ever but we got to play with clay fun!!

3.  We had an activity this saturday which was awesome they all made food for the youth to raise money to go to EFY in Santa Cruz Bolivia and had tons of fun helping cook Peruan food and eating food and after we had a baptism from the elders and sisters of Jardin so it was a great day!!


4.  We had practice all this week for the fireside ..in which I sang in with Hna Hermansen and it was a success felt the spirit so strong..President Hansen was there it was great!!  Had a wonderful night, I had to wear those like brittney spears headsets on my head to sing ah haha funny .but everyone said it sounded great which I was like umm…I hope becuase this girl has no experience in singing hehe taking talents I didn’t know I had out on the mission!!


5.  I just love the mission.  I LOVE MY COMPI she makes me laugh and we laugh just about everything love having her as a compi…. well this week was awesome even though we were sick in bed and fighting for the bathroom haha at night!!!

P1050423                                                     P1050416

Well I love you all take care!!

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

send me love of goods !!!
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

Edif.Confort Piso 7-C

Av.Villarroel 1132

Cochabamba, Cochabamba


P1050389  P1050373



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