Mothers Day Week

So this week was interesting let start off its getting cold!!!

Daniel and Katerines baptism

Daniel and Katerines baptism

Well this week we had to prepare our investigators for their baptism this Saturday.  They did well, super happy they got baptized.  Even with so many problems from the baptismal font not filling up.  Once again we had to fill it up with buckets oh Bolivia I love thee hahaha.  It was a success though came out great my comp and I sang a song and had cake at their home so glad.  Also we rescued their dad who was less active and he got to do the baptism super great!!  Also so funny how my comp and I had 8 lessons with member which is rare in Potosi, it seems to be we are having comptetion here.  Crazy how everyone knows, hahah we are whats up yeahhhhh doing great!!!  Even with my comp sick we do our best I took out a needle this week because she needs to be on the IV with glousa thinking i should be a nurse now ahhaha lol.

Elders baptism

Elders baptism

Well yesterday was great talking to mom and family made my day so much thank you and heard great things about everyone miss things but time is flying fast soooo ill be home in a year hahahha.  I am learning so much each day being more like Christ well I guess I am changing in many ways but for good!!  Take care everyone I love you all hope to hear from you lifes and see photos!! all is well!!

DSCF2782[1] DSCF2774[1]


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission
Potosi -area san clemente

DSCF2743[1] DSCF2750[1]-2

DSCF2716[1]-2 DSCF2708[1]

DSCF2688[1] DSCF2677[1]


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