Hola!!! this week was just interesting with my comp she’s been sick, she’s not use to the altitude I think and the food.  But yet she’s from Bolivia and still gets sick so I dont know haha.  Well this week we made our goals and contacted and worked with the members which is hard so yeah haha.


      Members gave us some ice cream

POTOSI is hard and my comp is surprised because in Cochabamba it’s not… Well it’s the cold I told her hahaha she doesn’t like the cold.  We have set a baptism this week please pray things work out.  We are working so hard with Daniel and Katerine so I hope we get them ready in time. Its getting COLD no lie like its basically Utah still hahaha its winter.

Anyways for ZONE CONF WE ARE GOING TO TUPIZA AND QUIZA yeahhhh!!!! Traveling I love it new area to see.  Quiza was there 1st went to here in bolivia awesome right!!!! Yeahhh how fun and also Uyuni again yeahhhh I love it hahah have to WORK HARDER THIS MONTH !!

Well I have to go take care love you all be safe remember the Savior loves you!!!
Love you all take care endure to the end!!

tinkuna kama
quechua (hasta luego)


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission
Potosi -area san clemente

Ex hermana Cruz in my area lol

         Ex hermana Cruz in my area lol


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