so this week was just amazing everyday is amazing you dont know how much I feel the saviors love each day and how I love teaching and helping others really the savior loves us so much!! Well this week was just crazy busy and we had intercambios and had my 1st interview with the mission president and practice for stake choir and a zone skit and teaching english!!
So we had to practice for a skit we are doing with the zone for a stake BOOK OF MORMON stories so we are acting out Lehi’s Dream, Ammon and the King and Jesus Coming to the Americas so this is really awesome.  We are going all out on this activity its going to be this saturday very legit I love my zone Potosi.


I had intercambio with hermana Crawford oh she’s awesome I learned a lot from her.  I love the sister training leaders!!
CAMBIOS ARE THIS WEEK!! I am really sad my comp is leaving.  I know she is, pres. told me so I am so sad she is super great but she’s been here for 5 transfers so its time for her to leave well i’ll be staying in Potosi so we’ll see next Monday who my new comp is ahhh.  Everyone thinks i’ll train someone, I am like umm I am just finishing my training so I don’t think so but we’ll see. President is so nice, in the interview he said I came prepared to the mission.  His wife told me “you just came flying here already  ready to work.” I guess some are surprised how easily I adjusted to mission life yet I have so much to learn and well I guess I adjust well haha.  We are also practicing in choir too, gosh I was fasting didn’t have water so that was a struggle haha anyways its lots of fun.


Teaching English is always fun I love it !!
GUESS WHAT well we have this less active that hasn’t gone to church for over 15 yrs and we visit her all the time but she never comes to church always makes excuses.  Well this Sunday she came ahhhh so happy hope she can come many more Sundays be active again.  She’s a hard lady but patience and love and waiting it will be!!  Well we had birthday cake for Elder Cinseros aka my mission dad haha I made tres leches and buñuelos for everyone.  We threw cake at his face and eggs but like always it becomes a mess we started a food fight or something so we all got cake haha I love it !!

DSCF2453                        DSCF2452

Welll soo far everything is great I love it the mission is the best!!  I love everyone here in Bolivia!! Love my comp she always makes me laugh we’re always laughing sure will miss her!  We joke and say no maches!, osea!, no me digas!, Bolivian breathing talk! como? We got awayo skirts yeah.
So much fun well I hope you all are great take care I love you and Thank you for your prayers!!

tinkuna kama
quechua (hasta luego)


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission
Potosi -area san clemente

DSCF2474 DSCF2476


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