General Conference Week

Heyyyyy!!!! Como estan? how yah’ll doing?
Did you guys watch conference!!! Best talks ever right ahhhh I love it! Kinda funny, I am sure I heard about marriage and families a lot umm dont know if that was my answer haha but yeah I think its for those at home haha lol so you know now haha.  This week was just amazing remembering Christ and that He lives!!  If you didnt watch the conference I recommend you do its amazing go to


So this week was semana santa many ask what we did.  We explained it was time to think about the savior but not just this week but everyday of our lives.  Also that He is with us at all time no matter who we are He is with us!! Truly grateful for the gospel and the prophet and apostles today that guide us in these latter days !!

Easter week was awesome got my package…Thank you ROXY !! I love it, this greenie loved your creavity and the beans and hot sauce send me more I share soooo yeah.

DSCF2411[1] DSCF2431[1]

Well this week I have eaten so well to much food actually getting fat jk lol
1st members feed me all the time shouldn’t eat with them but they feed us, so after each lesson we eat blahh its so rude to say no haha.  Ate popusa an elder made and more food.  On Wednesday after English we went to eat at a nice steak house best meat yum.  They have a tradition of eating 12 plates so I had one of 12 one day plates ate it 3 times its called “Locoro”  its sqaush with vegetables…and more food in general conference, the elders bought tons of snacks crazy how much they bought!!!!!! Later they said the sisters ate it all, yup you know it lol oh I got to DRINK MATE IN PINA YEAH !! Awesome always eating you know.  Well its full of eating so far haha always patas aka potatoes in my diet glad I walk so much just burning it haha.

DSCF2425[1] IMG_0143[1]

I hope you guys are doing great email me please haha or send me treats jk if you can it can only be 4 pounds well
take care know I love you and the Savior does too …
I am happy and I love the mission!! working hard!!!
tinkuna kama
quechua (hasta luego)


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission
Potosi -area san clemente

DSCF2422[1] DSCF2399[1] DSCF2378[1] DSCF2419[1]


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