This week has been awesome really!! And exhuasting but just so happy to have the opportunity to serve each day. It can be   stressful at times and tiring.  Sometimes people aren’t home and we walk a ton but I love learning especially thinking how I can’t complain because Jesus Christ has done so much for me and all of us. Its amazing teaching about the Savior and how he is the only way!!

IMG_1884[1]                 DSCF2304[1]

This week we had to contact a lot of people kinda liking it more we also had the opportuntiy to watch womens conference. Wow it was just so inspiring and amazing made me make more goals to accomplish.  They spoke a lot of the Family of Proclamation and being a defender of the truth.  So I recommend that you watch women’s conference and it’s just not for women but for everyone I loved it made think and want certain things in life.


Ancient drawings in Bentazos


I’m super pumped for conference I hope everyone watches it on or any where that says the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints!! Well I hope everything goes well that you may come closer to the Savior remember you are amazing and have such great potentional to reach!!
Take care I love you all hugs happy easter and remember the Savior lives and lives in our hearts! Thanks to him we have the great atonement to be forgiven .

Watch conference too!

sorry dont have much time but everything is great and know I care about you all!! The Savior loves you too!!

tinkuna kama
quechua (hasta luego)


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission
Potosi -area san clemente

En Bentazos

En Bentazos

DSCF2357[1]                      DSCF2350[1]



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