Dos Meses en la Mision!

Hola amigos de USA
Like always my time in the mission is great!
This week I have to say I love the scriptures and how amazing they are!! Crazy how much stuff I’ve learned and how mind-blowing the scriptures have been to me.  Makes me so happy to be here, serving, because I have learned so much trying to reach my potentional in becoming Christ like.  This week in zone conference we learned about reaching our full potential.  I learned that I need to work hard to become more converted to change for good and my nature as well.  Sometimes I think why do people not have questions of life when I have a ton and want to learn and know so much!!!

This week was difficult, many people weren’t home or cancelled which made me sad.  One investigator Lety  has been very different made me sad because she’s home with her door open but we cant get in there’s a fence.  We call her and hide in the steps but 5 min later she closes it rude couldn’t believe it.   We are here to help her, but I am learning patience and trusting the Lord for they have there time.

Oh want to know something people don’t have much problems with technology or other things we have in the states for there excuses to not listen to us this three reasons: sorry I cant i have to do laundry and cook, oh I have to work at the fair, or I have to babysit.  Its pretty funny yet we help, act of service, like this week we washed clothes and it was interesting washing someones underclothes to say hahaha.

Well Im grateful to be in Bolivia its different the life here is not the same like in USA.  People live different and you will see things you won’t see in the USA, so funny at times you will see a cholita poping squat anywhere or breastfeeding which is funny and women with there babies on there backs.  Great culture and I love it so much so happy I was called here ..haha so far its been fun and rough yet I am grateful for the experiences !!!

This week was my 2 month mark yeahhh march 14 yeahh and my penisonistas mom birthday so we had cake and we gave her a kitty so cute yet temptation for me to touch hahah i touched it heheh I took my medication for allergies so no worries.

DSCF2123[1]                           IMG_0263

Today im going to the mines here in Potosi.  Scary going to see the tio, the diablo, people offer things to give more sliver to the mines haha.  Well pray for me please thank you.

I miss you all thank you for writing to me makes my day and take care I love you all, you guys are all part of a big influence in my life and make my testimony grow.  Read the sciptures and pray always
con carino hermana cruzita ….haha an elder called me this now everyone does haha

send me picture pleaseeeeeeeee of yesss chao.

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission
Potosi -area san clemente



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