Hola amigos!! chalaaa!!
Well this week has been ehhhh…
P-day last week like I said went to the mines and it was scary we went crawling and through puddles and I saw the tio which is a diablo haha scary but great experience of not breathing feeling like i would die and so far fun!!! haha
Well this week was down we couldn’t find our citas everyone was out of town in there pueblos and well we had to knock on many doors and we found some great people.

DSCF2176[1]               DSCF2171

This thursday I was called to go to do transmits in Cochabamba and I left that night in floata a bus and it was nice yet couldn’t sleep I was scared I would die the roads aren’t nice and especially if it rains yeah hahah.  Well I got to cocha at 6 am and sisters from cala cala picked me up and sent me to the immigration papers stuff, I need my 2 year visa still, I was there for 5 hrs but finally got stuff done and well I contacted people all the time I was there.  Later I got to go to tgi fridays yeah fridays is only in Cochabamba everything is in Cochabamba because it’s the city.   Im in a pueblo so there’s nothing.  Cocha is very nice so clean and green and warm haha well it was nice going and finally getting to know cocha.  Funny how every sister wants to come to Potosi!! yeah Potosi is awesome !!! hehe oh i also got stuck in a bathroom at the hospital so scary I couldn’t get out not even sisters could get me out hahah finally i got out but i was scared so funny!

DSCF2200                 DSCF2216[1]

I arrived at Potosi on Saturday and me a my comp dressed up as cholitas haha our pensionista lets us borrow her clothes and braids and we danced, well acted a skit for the relief society activity of art show hehe so funny super awesome!!! Oh by the way I have no church on sunday because of the voting here in bolivia weird.  But I am pumped for general conference!!! yeah!!!
Everything is great didn’t do so much this week but it was fun and great and well take care i love you all hope to hear from you all soon!!!  Again I got if I am from Colombia haha funny

DSCF2221                DSC08457

con carino hermana cruzita !!!

DSCF2172            DSCF2155

DSCF2152                   DSCF2154



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