Chuño…Que Rico!!

So this week was cambios and I stayed with my companion, yeah so happy.  Everyone in my district stayed except Elder Cribbs (cunas) haha.  Its so weird my comp has been here 6 months now this well be her 7th month for her crazy.  She might leave next transfer and my district leader dies this month so next month will be an adventure but glad my comp stays to finish my training.  Well this week has been fun all the American missionaries are teaching English at a private school.  Im teaching high school kids and some boys took pictures of me the other day haha.  English teaching here sucks but I try to help and its fun.  There isnt one day a guy doesn’t whistles at us and tells us hello so funny yet i hate it haha.

We have so much fun my comp and I.  This week we ate so much chuño,  frozen papa haha im actually starting to like it now.
Oh I had cholita braids, our pensionista put them on hahah funny i’ll send photos.  We have this new investigator Melanie she’s awesome really excited about her, she’s a young 14 yr old yet wants to change.  Everything is great except when it rains and you get wet but so far so good.  Like I said we went to Uyuni and it was a blast. So sad because Hermana Fonesca, my grandma is leaving to Cocha and well we are getting Hermana Santeco she’s from Hawaii.  It’ll be fun we will have a full house of Americans which is never heard of and also its never heard of 4 sisters living in the same house, well we have contract so we have too but its rare so lucky to have more sistas only thing is one bathroom but we make it work.  Im exicted for this month and i know good things will come.


I feel all of you guys love I miss you all but I don’t regret serving for this brings me joy.  Enjoying each day, this friday y saturday is a special day because one, i’ll have 2 months on the mission on the 14, and also, it was the day I joined the church well got confirmed.  Best day of my life.  Now im seeing and being part of peoples special days.  Its amazing their is no doubt this is the real church of Jesus Christ and I can share this joy to others

Its also pie day and my baby sista birthday ahh crazy how time is flying.  General Conference is coming so excited and in May i’ll be able to skype with my family yeahh super excited well I love you all take care and thank you for all your prayers!!!

tinkuna kama -quechua
learning a investigatior gave me a dvd to learn for free so nice and i have a book too super hard though


Bolivia Cochabamba Mission
Potosi -area san clemente



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