Primer Bautizo!!

Hello everyone I am writing today because yesterday I went to UYUNI SALAR for p-day, took the whole day super awesome place look it up!!! Its the biggest salt flats in the world haha look up the video on youtube it shows the salar and the train station and cero rico my area here in potosi pretty cool.  Did you know cero rico is the mine that produced lots of sliver, yeah, they had the biggest coin making shop ever who made coins for everyone in the world pretty cool.  I got to go the Museum to learn about it.  Everyone always wants to go to the museum but it closes on Mondays so we can never go but we had special permission from our president to go on wednesday as a district so cool.  I learned about the money history basically a lot of it came from potosi my area now what!!  Cool right haha and also the dollar sign came from the old potosi sign crazy.

DSCF2029[1]                 DSCF2022[1]

Anyways my whole district had baptisms this saturday so awesome we all had 2 baptism yeah distict himini is legit lol hahah.
Want to know something funny about a baptism, so the elders in my ward had there investigator Sulema who wanted Hna Cruz yeah me to baptize her how funny.  I told the elders how they need to teach there investigator about priesthood better because my investigators knew which elders they wanted to baptize them hahah.  This happened already with my comp too so I think its the elders not teaching well jk idk but I would had my 1st baptism literally haha but I have other duties hehe.

DSCF3117                  DSCF3124

Well the baptism went great my heart was filled with joy, for this was the best thing ever couldn’t wait for more a lot of people came to the baptism it was amazing.  We had special number I don’t know why now I am starting to sing musical numbers haha I did it for zone conference too God gives me more confidence in me now.

I am so happy for Delphina y Rosa they’re amazing there baptism was great I felt the spirit so much and their testimony is beginning to grow I love it how they’re so into studying more and excitied about everything saturday was great.

Oh zone conference was great the spirit was felt and the testimonies were great and the congrated missionary talk was great. Now that I am more of a congrated missionary Im trying to focus on the Lords work.  The mission has opened my eyes more on what I want and how grateful I am.  Its only been a month but feels like i’ve been here a long time.  I’m learning so much its crazy but I love the mission I love my companion and sister trainers.  They’re so cool we always talk about great things and what we want in life, also my district is great too and zone

Guess what we saw in zone conference the movie meet the mormon yeahhh…I saw it twice now but now in spanish so cool and made me cry once again.  The gospel of Jesus Christ changes peoples lives and thats what I am doing so happy I am serving a mission I know my future family will benefit from this and other generation as well.  I know this gospel is true I have felt it in my heart.

Please be dilgent in reading your scriptures and praying, keep the commandents this will give you so much joy and happiness and I want to see everyone in the celestial kingdom.
Well I love this week it was filled with fun yet spiritual moments I was able to see how blessed this month has been on my mission I truly love the area I got lucky in many ways.
Well I love you all so much I know the Lord looks after you all and loves you too
be happy enjoy each moment of life and take care

con mucho carino hermana cruz

oh I gotten that I look Colombiana a lot now and Bolivian, bishop says I am Bolivian, perhaps haha so you might see me in a Colombia shirt haha lol

DSCF9154          P1090183

IMG_0956[1]         DSCF9034



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