Hola a todos

Well this week has been alright like always spiritual and funny moments.  I love the mission everyone is so funny here and i laugh each day.  We are having a baptism this week super excited, Dephina and Rosa the family is awesome the girls are the cutest the little one Camilia likes to pray.  They got excited when I gave them an american dollar they are just great.  This Sunday we had a whole family go to church, Maria and Liseth we were so happy.

DSCF2809[1]                 DSCF2805[1]

There is a street called the Murrillos a block away from church, well they had people dancing and throwing water and everything.  It was fun, yet people thinks it’s fun to throw buckets of water at sisters so I got wet again I hope this is the last carnival event haha.  Another person wanted to kiss me and the drunks are just funny saying stuff to us, this day was just crazy.   It was also great we had zone conference this thursday and ward conference too and a baptism so it was great.

DSCF2842[1]                        DSCF2823[1]

We had another family, Lety who my companion and I had a strong impression on asking her about getting baptized and accepted.  She was so hungry of changing even wanted to go church but now shes not answering her phone and isn’t home.  But worst thing is her little daughters are at home and she makes them lie it made me sad to see how the little girls can lie so much and how a 7 year old can cook and do her hair i can’t believe it.  I caught them in there lie, so sad, I hope things go well for this family and hope we can help them anyways.  We also had interchange with the sister trainees on Friday I had Hermana Fonesca, she is super fun she’s my grandma she was my moms trainee I got to be her one day companion super fun.

Today we went to play at a lagoon it was fun we also had a pinic with the zone.  We do a lot of crazy things that make laugh, someday i’ll share these with you all in person I hope .. and well any news? how’s everything? I love you all your all in my prayers remember that everything is thru Christ He is truly our Savior He loves, you follow him.

DSCF2921[1]          DSCF2915[1]

I also read the Consecrated Missionary, wow its amazing.  So grateful to be here and be part of Bolivia and to learn and grow. The gospel is amazing im so happy, I don’t regret coming on my mission its the best thing I could have done.  Glad I can give my time to the lord and be his servant and disciple of Christ!  Things can be hard at times, rejection and not having people to visit at times etc…But you know what, I am positive in working and trying to find those lost children of the lord and help them.  I love it and would’nt change it for nothing!  I know its changing my nature I will come back different but a great person for sure.  I am trying my best here, so far its been good learning!  I love my companion she is just so cool I hope she doesn’t leave. She’s been in this area 6 months and she might leave I just love her she is super sweet and patient we work great together.  We pray that she can please stay haha she’s the best!  Well any ideas for breakfast? haha if you guys have time send me simple recipes please lol haha of anything and pictures.  Send me your address and i’ll try to send a postal!  Oh i miss my mexican food and american food, crazy theres nothing here compared to the food over, theres just papas and rices lol.

well take care love ya

hermana cruz

DSCF2826[1]                             DSCF2840[1]               DSCF2784[1]                               DSCF2923[1]


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