Its Monday! Letter from our missionary!

Hola todos…ay la mision es super!  Mission is crazy fun!! This week has been my second week.  So far filled with laughter and smiles I love my companion she is so much fun and my district oh my, I crack up all the time at lunch and dinner.  I had an interesting plate this week, quinoa with onions but more like onions…eww I ate it all but it was gross and hard haha.  I am sure a sister gave us breastmilk…jk.  I thought so the whole time I was drinking it plus she was breastfeeding in front of me but I bet it was powder milk I hope so.  I have had lessons where sisters just feed there child in front of me its so funny.  Everyone says here “no ve?” each time they end a convo, even though I can see, but they always say “do you see” its funny haha.  They also say “va decuplar” meaning “you will forgive me,” spanish is weird here haha.


Guess what its CARNIVAL here and I dont like it!!  Kids throw ballons at us and foam and squirt water I’m always wet plus its cold here so it sucks haha.  So for that the President is making us stay home on Feb 17-18 becasue its dangerous to go out.  I have to run everyday because kids are throwing water ballons at me.  I was attacked so much its funny haha, my companion and I laugh.


Well I have had some great investigators already wanting to know more and excited for baptism.  We’re having Rosa a little girl and her mom Delphina and Maria getting baptized on feb 28 so excited and happy.  We are trying on this couple too. So far I love the people they’re so funny and sweet.  Everyone is so humble, like you don’t know how much I wish I could help these people.  Anyways, everyone thinks I’m from South American because of my Spanish, its funny the guesses I’ve gotten.  I already gotten Bolivian, Colombian, Argentina, Guatemala, Panamá and Venezuela so funny seeing people guess where I’m from.


Oh we had an awesome experience, the elders had a baptism this saturday and guess what we had to fill up the font haha with buckets, took like 2 hours.   I got soaked too because I had to get water from a well and it was deep so I had to get in there…great experience.  After i had saltenas best thing ever!!!! messy food but great!!

I’ve had great experiences so far.  I love the mission and my companion is awesome best mamits we talk and laugh and have most awkard moments but i love it.  So far I’ve just been running away from kids haha throwing water at me.  I am grateful for many things, Bolivia is so different but I’m learning and it makes us appreciate things.  People here are so humble you dont know…bathroom, toliet paper and washer machines are luxury for us!! So enjoy it for me and be grateful for what you have.


Words in Quecha

te quiero -qanta munani
como estas-imanynalla kachkani

I love you all miss you all too!!!

Con Amor
Hermana Cruz !!!



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