Primera semana en Bolivia

Hola a todos! estoy super bien y feliz no puede creer que feliz estoy!!!!

Llegamos a Cochabamba el martes a las 8:30 pm and it took forever to get our luggages but finally I was out 1st and saw our mission president I went in tears and shook his hand and hugged his wife.  All the missionaries were there and sang called to serve, it was amazing.  We took a photo and left to the hotel and ate the biggest!!!!!! PIZZAS ever!!! wish everyone could eat one.


On Wednesday we went to the Christ of Cordia, amazing, its the biggest christ statue in the world.  We also had our welcome with the president and had interviews.  Later we went to the mission home, beautiful home, and got assigned to our trainers. Guess whos my trainer!!!! or my mami hahah Hermana GIILES shes amazing shes from Meza, Arizona she’s been on a mission for 9 months she’s american super sweet glad I have her !!  All the sister are jealous because we can both talk English and Spanish they all wanted me as a companion haha…some were surprised that I was bilingual…some actually thought I was from South America haha.  Anyways guess what my area is POTOSI !!!!!  This place is far from Cochabamba and its one of the HIGHEST cities in the world its about 13,000 ft of elevation.  Yeah no oxygen for me hahaha!!  So I had to travel once again on thursday to Sucre and take a taxi for 3 hours to Potosi! I love traveling…haha sarcasm!



I arrived around 5 pm took medication for the elevation and unpacked and settled in.  Then my companion took me to the markets to buy food for breakfast and later went to meet my pensosistas (hermanas that feed us lunch and dinner)  Super awesome Hermana Maria Mamamani and Alica they’re super humble!!  Later we went home and planned for the next day since it would be my offical day as missionary. Forgot to mention I live with the sister trainee leaders too super awesome theyre cool!! full of girls yeahhhh!!  Im on top of the world! (aka Potosi)


On Friday we had a district meeting.  My district is cool theres another elder cruz whos bolivian though I think thats why they think im bolivian hahah jk.  We also met my zone very cool, later, off we went to teach a young girl Maria.  The people here are super humble, we taught her in her bedroom but it was amazing.  Afterwards we walked around the streets, its very dirty here but I love it haha and theres a lot of cholitas ( woman of Bolivia, so funny these ladies ) oh they all speak Quecha… I need to learn it guys i’ll be trilingual now haha.  They gave me a Book of Mormon in Quecha, im trying to learn but its like spanish/ japanese hahaha so its hard.  The spanish here is different super wierd but im learning haha.  Well I walk a lot I have lots of hills and dirt roads and stairs. The people are super poor no one has washer machines, so guys be grateful for what you have people have nothing here yet they’re happy and live great!!  Im truly grateful for many things now, it opened my eyes on how ungrateful we are at times.  I have no washer now and little toliet paper at times bathrooms are gross and we dont have much soap haha but so far I love it you cant imagine how happy I am like those things don’t matter.  I love the people already they all have great hearts.  I haven’t gotten sick yet or felt tired I know the Lord gives me the strength.  When they told me I was coming to Potosi were its colder and theres low oxygen I was like umm what no I can’t do this I am going to die but I prayed for strength and I know the Lord will provide…sometimes I do feel like I have no air but I survive, somehow. The song comes up in my mind how I am suppose to be without air from Jordan Sparks all the time.  But Im healthy still haven’t felt sick since Im high in the world haha crazy I am living in 13,ooo ft of elevation what! and in cold air hahah!

DSCF2715[1]             DSCF2716[1]

So far Potosi is great we have thought people and I love it only 4 days here and I love it!!!  The mission is the best my companion is great she’s such fun person so lucky to have her.  We are close now haha she is my mamitis haha.  We pray all the time and study and teach, we have deep doctrine convos and have interesting experiencias ahaha.  Well Sunday was great, the ward is small super small but everyone has great testimonies and our investigators came so that was awesome!! I gave the 1st testimony since I was new but the people are so lovable the children are super awesome. We had a young girl named Michelle teach with us this sunday love this girl shes only 15, her parents died but goes to church by herself preparing to serve a mission shes super excited shes like i’ll be with you guys every Sunday and i’ll start saving now for my mission.  Sometimes I wish I could help or bring them to America but I can’t, anyways it was great im always happy crazy!!!


Today is p-day I washed my clothes by hand, good thing I’ve done it before at my grandmas house haha.  Well im doing great would write more but i have little time.  I love you all and you’re always in my prayers ! NEVER FORGET TO PRAY blessings are there!!! Hope the best for everyone and take care

Food is great alot of chicken and potatoes haha


Manakanchu means “there isn’t anything” learning quecha haha

Mateo 19:29 Y todo el que haya dejado casas, o hermanos, o hermanas, o padre, o madre, o esposa, o hijos o tierras, por mi nombre recibirá cien veces más y heredará la vida eterna.

Con Amor Hermana CRUZ!!!!!!


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