First week at the MTC, CCM


Recibimos un correo electronico de la Hna. Cruz…YAY!! Nos dice lo siguiente:

Hola todos como estan? Los extrano, bueno no mucho haha…Well the mtc is amazing.

So first day :

It was crazy but amazing I got my first companion, she’s from Seattle Washington (Hermana Throolin) she speaks Spanish, learned it at school.  There are two other sisters in my district they’re from Texas and New York, Hermana Flores and Hermana Gonzalez. They are awesome hermana’s and super funny i love them already, seemed like I already knew them.  Everyone in my district is awesome we have 5 elders and 4 hermana’s including myself, and well everyone in my district know’s Spanish, we’re advanced.  They’re all going to Argentina, haha I am the special one going to BOLIVIA !!!!


Everyone say’s, “We are all going to Argentina except Hermana Cruz but we love her” they’re so sweet but they leave me on Monday I am so sad… All the elders are converts, mostly, its amazing …their testimonies are amazing I admire these young elders for serving.  They are so sweet, help us sisters a lot.  There from Arizona, Utah and Boston.  My teachers are Brother Alleto and Brother Humble so far awesome teachers.  District 12 b is the best!!!


I’ve learned so much about the true doctrine of the Lord, the spirit is felt so strongly.  Our zone is amazing as well. The presidency is super sweet, President Call, he interviewed me on thursday made me cry haha (FYI he speaks Spanish, so cool he’s from Mexico but American haha).  Also from the presidency, Brother Nislon, he is awesome, he gave a great talk about staying on the wall and being like Samuel, he called us Samuela’s because we are sisters i love it.  He also interviewed me, made me cry so much I havent cried this much in my whole life, crazy haha I cant believe myself.  On Sunday during the interview he asked me how I’ve felt the spirit…I’ve felt the spirit the whole day, didn’t let the tears come throughout the days, so they came in that interview, and well the spirit was felt just so much and I loved it.  Sunday has been my favorite day so far at the mtc.  The reminder of Heavenly Fathers love and how Jesus Christ died for us…so grateful for the atonement…its amazing what Jesus did, how the plan of salvation is so perfect, how the Lord knows us, I can express so much yet I have no time so sorry everyone hahaha but the Lord loves each one of you pray to him to feel his love and he will manifest it to you I know it …I am crying just by writing this because the spirit confirms to me that this is true.

Guess who I see all the time Dani Martinez she’s in the next door classroom and we’re in the same ward and zone…awesome right.  Oh, i got to be senior companion and well so far its good learning ..being a warrior haha no homesickness yet I love the mtc!!!!  By the way, the food well, it’s somewhat ok and the gym is great too I did aerobics today mom haha!!

Love Hermana Cruz

P.s the savior loves you come unto him …Talk to the missionaries ..go on to learn more !!! love you lots
you can all send me letters through dear my info is on facebook if you need it.

IMG_3266 IMG_3274IMG_3265 IMG_3275



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