Mission Call

I received my mission call on October 17 2014 on a Friday . I didn’t expect it to come on this day the whole week I was checking and checking since my bishop said they where sent to salt lake on Oct 1st I knew they come around two weeks so it was two weeks and everyone says that they come in Thursday so I thought I receive it on a Thursday so I check on that Thursday and nothing I was super upset I had to wait another week perhaps but I knew my call was assign since I could log on my ldsmail .well anyways That Friday Morning I woke up didn’t have class since it was fall break I told myself “Kim you should get ready and look nice to go get the mail what if your call is here? “so I did and well I went outside didn’t tell anyone I was going to check plus I was not expecting it to come on a Friday ..well I open the mail box what did I see ..I stood there looking at the white big envelope In shock IMG_3204

well  I took picture grab the letter and ran inside saying its here its here  !!!!! my whole family was in shock and full of excitement for me ! My mom was excited as well as my sister she was taking pictures of me with my call and telling the whole world it was here ….I was shaking of excitement I finally had what I have been waiting for …the letter saying Dear Sister Cruz you have been called …? the excitement of where the lord would sent me !!! I couldn’t wait to open it and know ..but I had made plans before that the only person I would have to wait for was my uncle vince in California who I had to wait to Skype with after he got of work …so I had to wait until 3pm to open it  .so questions began where could I sent be sent ? Where is hermana Cruz going?IMG_3209From waiting  I posted on Facebook letting everyone know I had received my mission call ..everyone was in shock since no one knew I was going a mission ??? (only a few knew ) many people started calling me and texting where I was going ? well I told them I would open it till 3pm so I would let them all know as soon as possible . you can’t believe how hard it was to wait to open my call ….So finally it was hitting the time and some friends came who text me if they could come .It was only three of them since it was last minute Nicole, Annelle and Chris .

IMG_6532 IMG_6538

well had everything set up to open my call the computer with my uncle on Skype and my aunt on tango on my moms phone and Mayra on my phone to hear me well my sister recording me ! My grandma and mother and sister and cousin present in my living room ! So it began the excitement of opening the call!!!! well I opened it …slowly read it …Dear Sister Cruz,You have been called to serve in Bolivia Cochabamba Mission  !!!! And Report to the Peru Mtc January 13 ,2015 !!! WHAT !!! BOLIVIA never imagine it especially going to a different MTC ? PERU I was more shock about the MTC then the place I was going to haha




well from there My family was so happy so was I …just researching about the mission and trying to know more about it . I was so happy and grateful I finally got I wanted to serve a mission and I was going to BOLIVIA ! A place I never knew or thought of but I knew it was the place I been called by GOD and instantly Bolivia became something in my Heart that day ..So from there my friends took me to buy my Bolivian Flag and go celebrate !!



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